Friday, May 27, 2011

Chino y Nacho you say, "You have an angel, when you drink do not drive"

The talented duo Venezuelan, Chinese and Nacho said Wednesday: "You have an angel, when you drink do not drive" is the name of the new consumer campaign official of the company Diageo, which will have the support of famous singers. The innovative communication campaign is hosted on Facebook and leverages other social networks like Twitter, YouTube, bloggs, all tools that allow interaction with the consumer, with the aim of creating a proper conversation about responsible drinking.

"The campaign was conceived and designed to impact directly the young adult, taking advantage of the existence of a channel as relevant now as it is Facebook, which will allow us to educate about proper alcohol consumption and generate a change in perception and attitude on this issue, "said Rafael Pedraza, Director of Corporate Relations Andino.

As part of its appeal, the fanpage www. facebook. com / tutienesangel with the intervention of the reggaeton Chino y Nacho who invite consumers to participate in a Responsible Consumer interesting contest, where fans must pass a module of 15 questions to opt for a trip to Los Roques for two people all expenses paid for a weekend.

Additionally, the initiative also has the support of radio personalities and TV who worked with educational micros will be posted at the address, to reach out to fans, tips on how to responsibly consume alcohol. For his part, Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, said at a news conference.

"We are pleased to be part of responsible drinking campaign, you have angels, and that somehow through our nationwide impact can among young adults to extend this important message of drinking responsibly. " The occasion was propitious to address the recent demand that the singers are currently experiencing, for the alleged plagiarism of the song, Mi Niña Bonita.

At this point, "The Mackediches" are being denounced by the Dominican composer Agramante Stanly, who says the duo's popular theme of his own. It also requested compensation. Chinese regard argued that currently "there is no demand." "Faithfully more than a claim that is a kind of public prosecution in favor of seeking publicity and attention, and not criticize noticed that has worked," he said.

"This person has your plan worked well," said Chinese emphasizing the composer who in recent days claimed that the duo's popular theme of his own. It also requested compensation. "Greatly respect the strategists of every person to be known, also added Chinese and publicly wondered why the prosecution did two years ago and waited so long to do it now?.

In that sense, left a "reflection": "Many times the applicants are defendants." Regarding the campaigns would never do, the interpreters of the familiar arguments that would never be a participant in a campaign "for drugs." Corali PorDalisa Ibarra / Music Rumors With Press Release Information

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