Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taylor Swift video for 'The Story Of Us': From schoolgirls and bangs

Taylor Swift has been accumulating lately the premiere of the video clips of their last two singles. The accompanying 'Mean', her third single, appeared earlier this month and only a couple of weeks later decided to pull the video for her fourth single, 'The Story Of Us'. The song is one of the most entertaining sections of the track listing for Speak Now, where Taylor Swift moves away from its most delicate and bet on a profile closer to the rock without losing that country roots that sustain the whole style of the album.

With nearly five million copies sold, it can be said that his formula will work, without trying to explore the territory of the pop mainstream as crowded and boring lately. The video, directed by Noble Jones, shows once again the efforts of the singer and their environment by trying to create pieces that have some correspondence with the story told in song and seek and promote the most important thing to consider Swift that is their job, we have and what inspired each of these issues.

But we can not say they have discovered penicillin ...

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