Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All set in Barcelona for Primavera Sound again: what you can not miss

A few years ago that the spring does not come to Barcelona until the end of May. The reason, more than clear, is the celebration of that in circles of experts, is the best festival of all those held in Spain throughout the year. We talk about the Primavera Sound. Established itself as a key event in the annual music calendar, a few years ago that is able to look to the face and compete face to face with that other giant located in the Spanish Levant called IFF.

And this year's Primavera Sound returns to show off their stamp of identity: a handful of those headline-stopping and a barrage of even more significant of these groups to discover in a few years it is possible to fill the Sports Palace in Madrid or Barcelona Sant Jordi. The list is headed by dedicated band Pulp.

Also have to take a look at PJ Harvey, Flaming Lips or Animal CollectiveSi started by the names of the top of the list, the first reference, inevitably, is Pulp. The band led by Jarvis Cocker will wipe out any hint of competition this Friday when highlighted already on the scene San Miguel to give the only concert they have planned for this 2011 on Spanish soil.

As Pulp, other bands that have earned their place in the imaginary handheld musical collective are also present: the darkness of Echo & the Bunnymen to the whisper of PJ Harvey, or the baroque style of the Flaming Lips, all angles are covered. And for lovers of experimentation, what better than Animal Collective.

Among this diffuse group of bands to discover, for those who still have not, "you could see a breakthrough in the web of Calle 20 a few weeks ago. Namely, you can taste the post-rock of Battles, the folk of The tallest man on Earth or the personal universe of James Blake, unclassifiable, in a relaxed atmosphere can be invaluable if tooth a few years become the owners of the shed.

And, from experience, they should ask those who once saw Arcade Fire or Franz Ferdinand in this event. Do not miss the Spanish harvest in the tents of the Barcelona Forum. El Guincho, the artist best known outside our borders, is one of the main attractions for the evening of Thursday, strategically situated at that time, four o'clock, in which any action with face and eyes became an instant classic .

But there is also room for the reunion of Nosoträsh, the strength of bizarre love triangle or one of the latest additions to the national scene: Ornament and Crime. Although the festival concentrates for three days on campus that was once home to the Forum of Cultures, from Thursday to Saturday, the whole city is a huge stage for the Primavera Sound.

Since the beginning of the week there are performances in small rooms, outdoor venues, bars and even subway stations. And last but not least, for those who never have enough, on Wednesday and Sunday there are more actions in the Poble Espanyol. And all this without the Interpol concert today offer a group of lucky in the Apolo as a preliminary bolus on Thursday and will be one of the highlights of the day ianugural.

The band led by Paul Banks comes to Barcelona to defend, once again, their fourth and self-titled album and hit after hit shelling the great songs that have placed the call sound like refernte NY. Finally, the big question that remains unresolved is not about music, but with the inevitable football.

On Saturday Champions League final touches to the club at stake and it is not known whether the organization will available to attendees a screen to keep the appointment. From the press department of the contest say they have "no information to provide" on this issue so it is presumed a possible exodus of Barcelona fans between 20:45 and 22:30, if not a hypothetical extension extends further .

The ideal finale for all three days of musical debauchery. Do not have how to go? Carpool.

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