Friday, May 27, 2011

Beirut was captivated by the music and dance of Shakira

Beirut, May 26 (EFE) .- Colombian pop star Shakira made the sun shine tonight facing the Mediterranean Sea during his performance in Beirut, the land of their ancestors, and whose audience was captivated by music and dance. The concert, dedicated to his father William Mubarak, took place in the new yacht club of the Lebanese capital with some 25,000 people during the show, just over an hour and a half, chanted and danced to their songs.

"I dedicate this concert my father. I'm happy to be here. Years ago I wanted to act in Lebanon and today was my dream, "said the singer bringing applause from the audience. Yesterday, on his arrival in Beirut, Shakira showed his pride for being in the land of their ancestors. "I love Lebanon very much, hope to see you dance and sing with me.

I am proud to be here. " During the concert, the artist performed songs from her new album "Out the Sun" and hits like "Crazy" "I am Gypsy," "My hips do not lie" and "Eyes like that." One of the highlights of the show was when she sang in Arabic a verse of a song by Fairuz, considered the best singer from Lebanon, and belly danced.

He also played the harmonica and guitar and also seduced her fans of all ages, with the rhythm of her hips. Also invited four young Lebanese who danced with her on stage during his performance spoke a few words in Arabic, as "Chucre" (thanks), and kissed the Lebanese flag. In one of his songs dedicated to his country, he changed a line and sang "I'm going to Beirut Bogota, causing boundless enthusiasm.

His show ended with "Waka Waka", the anthem of South Africa's last World Cup, which was accompanied by a video of children in this country who had their dreams and fireworks lit up the night Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea. The performance of the singer, a Colombian mother and Lebanese father, is part of the world tour to promote his album "The sun rises."

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