Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What are the most viewed video clips in Youtube history?

Are the videos of Lady Gaga, copied endlessly by the rest of the divas of the song of the moment, causing fury among users? What music clips on the Internet attract more visitors? NME magazine has a list of audiovisual productions have generated more clicks on YouTube, the main mechanisms of videos on the Web Thanks to this, we know that Justin Bieber has been able to overcome the queen of Plexiglas viewings .

But there are not many surprises: the usual names in the charts are also here that shine at the top. These are the ten most watched music videos of all popular history site: 1. Baby. Performed by: Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris. The young man bangs more adored by teenagers and, reportedly, Selena Gomez has surpassed the 554 million visits to the video that accompanies his best known single, Baby.

It shares verses with rapper and actor Ludacris. Watch the video here. 2. Bad romance. Starring: Lady Gaga. None of the latest videos from the American of Italian descent have reached the figure (383 million) of the subject published in 2009 showing sidereal and hygienic choreography as the young artist insists he wants a romance but is ugly and evil.

Watch the video here. 3. Waka waka. Performed by: Shakira. Colombia's entry in this pantheon of Anglo-Saxon flavor with seductive caderazos and the theme song for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. In the pictures you can see a smiling Gerard Piqué. Watch the video here. 4. Love the way you lie.

Starring: Eminem and Rihanna. For a victorious return to the charts, Eminem not only put his hand to a newly dyed Rihanna. In addition, popular actors chose Dominic Monaghan (Charlie in Lost) and Megan Fox to star in this video of indifference that has made 340 million clicks. Watch the video here.

5. Not afraid. Starring: Eminem. The white rapper repeated in the list with a video, this time, appears only to danger. The clip has surpassed 240 562 000 viewings since last June, when it premiered at the YouTube page. Watch the video here. 6. Party in the USA. Performed by: Miley Cyrus.

The transition from the former Hannah Montana to adulthood has been widely celebrated for his fans. Many hair, shorts, navel air, cowboy boots, flags, patriotic and gallant cowboy dressed in sunglasses to last for this video featuring a light pop. Watch the video here. 7. Never say never.

Performed by: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith. Again a video of Justin Bieber get to be among the most watched on YouTube (more than 214.5 million). On this occasion, the Canadian Share Camera with Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith. Jaden is also an actor and as seen in the video, singer, dancer and boy for everything.

Watch the video here. 8. On the floor. Starring: Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. This is the first single from J-Lo's return to music, an updated version of the Lambada, which raged popular decades ago. The rapper and producer Pittbull back to work with the soloist and to make a surefire hit.

Watch the video here. 9. Firework. Performed by: Katy Perry. The issue makes more sense to Katy Perry is also the star of this clip that has attracted more viewers on YouTube (189 million views). In it, a more serene than usual solitary Perry encourages youngsters to share joy and a shower of fireworks.

Watch the video. 10. I know you want me (Calle Ocho). Performed by: Pitbull. The maker of hits back to make one of your clips into one of the most viewed on the YouTube page. The theme that ties it all together is interpetado in English and Spanish. Too much cleavage, looks sexy and summery rhythms to break the dance floor.

Watch the video.

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