Thursday, May 26, 2011

Niña Pastori: "The Flemish are more house party than nightclubs"

Niña Pastori is no longer so young. The 31 springs has an enviable career behind him and a mother. The pregnancy of her daughter, Pastora, conditioned in 2008 recording and release of their latest album, You are the light. Now back with new album, new energy and always the same sprite. How epic album? I have long been working on it.

There were songs on this album that are more than five years, but I got pregnant and wanted to make songs in flamenco key, which they did not fit. I felt a little suffocated with that issue, and I wanted to find other coloresAsí has opted for a pop album more ... Yes, it was something I wanted.

There was a time that flamenco came into vogue, everyone involved in his music. I felt a little suffocated with that issue, and I wanted to find other colors, other records. In part, artists like you are responsible for this fashion. Yes, but it's something I'm tired. I need to renew, go on stage and not wanting to stick to what is fashionable or not.

I do not sing live, but because it is my life. I need as a person. I've been doing since he was eight years and I can not imagine doing anything else. "In the Flemish purists? No, I understand perfectly the point of view of those who think we have to keep flamenco as it is and not confuse people.

But you can rest assured that flamenco is always going to exist. There will always be people who know their clubs, who singing by seguidillas soleás ... I was never out of place, but home and family "Having started so young can cause an early age in the arts? Everything has its good and its bad side.

In my case I'm happy, because a child was what I liked, I took a lot of fun and an experience that has served me well. But you miss things. In my case, as I was never very out of place, but home and family, not something that has been missing in particular. The flamingos are more house party in night clubs.

However, it has sought the bustle in the streets of New York for their first video. "The search for the mixing is what brought her there? Exactly. New York did not know, and I really wanted to go. Its streets perfectly reflects the feeling of mixing with people of all places, I think the result is fantastic.

Having a Grammy does not mean that tomorrow you are going to sell more discosPocos can say they have in their showcases a Grammy ... What gives meaning? Is a joy in the personal. As a gift on your birthday. It makes you hope they'll remember you, but do not give it more importance than it has.

Having a Grammy does not mean tomorrow going to have more shows and sell more albums. Just a few meters the interview takes place in a downtown cafe in Madrid, indignant at Sol camp How are you living? Are you angry? Understand that young people are rebelling because they do not see a solution to the current situation.

Things are bad for all the world, some worse than others, of course. This will be a very difficult year, and have to raise an entire country. It will not be easy, but I'm positive. For now, I've tried to make a cheerful and positive drive to make people dance and have a good time. Not everything in life are the crisis will pass.

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