Friday, May 27, 2011

Start the Spring to the sound of Interpol and The Flaming Lips

In this music you know, you can have the best stuff of the moment that you do not know how to sell it you get nothing. Vendehumos best in the best sense of the word, across the planet are the Flaming Lips. This living legends of rock, known direct accompany their paraphernalia and an immediacy that is impossible to detach and not fall into the spell.

El Guincho, an artist better known outside than inside our borders, the second scenario filled Grandel do not have a stilted, as have the other direct. On the opposite side, but such an outcome: Interpol. Much more sober, austere and you could even say dull, is to start to spit notes from the guitar and burn the appropriate tier.

And even if they have the name of police force, have a direct criminal. In every way. The Forum had wanted to party and, above all, to remember the first two papers of New Yorkers and placed them among the bands to follow in the early years of the last decade. Said and done. The Spring, yes, not just foreign bands.

A bizarre love triangle, one of the best live in this country, we had to deal with the worst time possible: the organization let them on stage at six in the evening when the sun still burned more than desirable. Another story was that of the winch, this strange and yet so close for victory abroad and none in our country turned upside down the second most important stage when it beat out one by one the themes of black Pop, his second job.

However, any review on Thursday that Caribou name can not be complete. But when a group has a couple of previous albums like two suns-Swim, Andorra, it is much easier. Both who were responsible for being the first group to officially break scenario ATP and collapse its approaches. Despite a great day in music, the organization set this time the negative note.

He had promised an electronic system that would allow bars to make transactions without using physical money: through a kind of cash card to save music lovers would, in theory, the cumbersome tails. And the failure has been of fireworks, at nine o'clock at night the system went down, the bars to operate with cash and that has not happened for years and certainly in some parts of the enclosure and the computer system will not recover in time.

While we at Interpol, who cares. The major fireworks, yes, come tomorrow. Pulp return to the stage after a handful of years apart. And we know that the revival sells well, even bands that have broken two days ago. That, on one side. The national on the other, one of the best groups in the American independent scene is rather less lavish in Europe and even less in our country.

And when a group edited Boxer comes to act in the Spring, is a must with them.

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