Saturday, May 28, 2011

Juanes denies withdrawal from the music and its path to politics

"Music is my way of understanding God, politics, the devil", thus compelling shows Colombian musician Juanes in an interview, which denies to be removed from the music and engage in politics. On 25 May, the Colombian singer-songwriter exagente, Fernan Martinez, Juanes assured that he would retire by "three or four years", which meant the cancellation of at least 60 concerts around the world, and added that the interpreter was " depressed "and had" personal problems.

" The singer responded that Martinez was no longer his representative who retired just a month to raise a family. "Today more than ever I have it clear that my life is music and will be forever with my family. There is nothing else that makes me as happy as playing guitar and singing for my fans on a stage, is a blessing and I've always saved, "John answered.

The singer, 15 to act on July 30 in Gijon, Vigo, Barcelona, Madrid, Gandía (Valencia), Murcia, Malaga, Las Palmas and Adeje (Tenerife), says that this new tour is "a beauty, a visual and auditory experience of feeling, very different from what he had done before. " "The repertoire is all these years, songs ranging from the first album to date, and a super-powerful band with me." And is that John, who thinks recording in English, says he still feels "very comfortable" with songs like "A Dios le pido, because they are part of" a time and a way of looking at music and life.

" "They also have much to do with my childhood and my early music. Every time I play in a concert singing I close my eyes as if for the first time in my living room when I was 5 years," he explains. But at the same time he confesses rather than what he feels now is "a need to develop and redirect" their music and the concerts are "one of the best places to inspire new things, emotions, sadness, life histories.

.. " The author of songs like La camisa negra, Volverte a Ver o I love, says: "When I return to the studio, all you hear is the voice of my heart, sometimes tired and dull, sometimes filled with light and joy. The and life experiences are teaching me how to care and listen to that voice that always or almost always, is full of light.


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