Friday, May 27, 2011

Joaquín Sabina has its musical from October

The Rialto Theatre in the Gran Via in Madrid will be from October 6 obligatory pilgrimage site for all fans of Joaquin Sabina thanks to the opening of his long musical career review under the heading Other 100 Lies. The producer of the musical had to wait three years to give the nod Sabina Its director and head writer, David Serrano, is a thirty-proven success thanks to his work in The Other Side of the Bed or Days of Football, as well as The Music Lovers Anonymous.

After their collaboration on this latest show, Serrano has teamed again with producer Drive, creator of the musical also Mecano Today I can not lift and 40 The Musical. José María House, producer of the show, said during the presentation of the musical all began to emerge at Easter 2006 at a reserve of restoring Lhardy where Sabina rejected his initial proposal.

Three years had to wait chamber musician gave the green light and put his work available on the cause. The producer also noted that this is the first Spanish music that was born with a vocation for international travel, because after the premiere in Spain, the intention is to bring in 2013 in Buenos Aires, where Sabina moves even more crowds than at home, then also present in Mexico City on the horizon is also noted as the year 2015 might be a movie premiere.

Inspired by the work of Sabina, the musical tells the story of three friends who work for a boss but decide to mount it on your own time when he tricked them. One dies in shooting, one escaped and is still working for the mafia, while the third will fall three years in prison. Reappear last time to settle scores.

For this script Serrano has had the collaboration of San Jose and Diego Fernando Castets, and among the arrangers of the songs names like Javier Limón, Leiva (Pereza), Carlos Raya, James Calderon or Adrià Barbosa. The musical director is Daniel Garcia, who counted as collegiate directors with their own Sabina, Pancho Varona, David Serrano and José María House.

The presentation of this musical comes just days after the musician has had to postpone their planned American tour this spring because of acute diverticulitis risk of complications, which has forced him to maintain a complete rest over six weeks. Birds of Passage, La del Pirata Cojo, I want to be a Chica Almodovar, being called Soledad, Street Blues, 19 days and 500 nights, Princess, who has stolen the month of April?, A Song for Mary Magdalene, for the boulevard of broken dreams, and gave us ten Viridiana are some of the songs chosen to be part of this musical, for which tickets can be purchased from 19.90 to 59.90 euros, from 7 June.

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