Monday, May 30, 2011

Diddy-Dirty Money: "Looking For Love" with Usher

Another new single for Diddy and the Dirty Money! With the success of his previous singles, including the fabulous "Coming Home" with Skylar Grey, Diddy Unveils "Looking For Love", with the participation of famous Usher, a song where the rhythm very present Diddy and Usher enslave a "battle" rap frenzied.

If the album "Last Train To Paris" is under the sign of a great collaboration with Dirty Money, we can note that the Dirty Money are not present in the song .. Nevertheless, we can see the female duo in brief appearances in the video for "Looking for love." In, fact, to formalize the choice of "Looking For Love" as a new single, Didymus issued a "treat" the video clip should happen soon.

You can see Diddy and the Dirty Money arrive in a nightclub, then Diddy on the roof of a building with Usher. The clip is set in a bleak climate, threatening boundary. An animal enough room for a song very explicit. "Looking for Love" has been especially written by the famous rapper Rick Ross, to whom we owe the hit "Hustlin '" and recently "Aston Martin Music." "Looking For Love" is the 7th from the album of Diddy-Dirty Money "Last Train To Paris".

United States, the first single was "Angels," followed by "Hello Good Morning" with T. I then "Loving You No More" with the participation of Drake, the famous "Coming Home," followed by "Ass on The Floor" and finally "Your Love". Detonating a host of titles. The album "Last Train To Paris" was released in December 2010 is ranked 7th in the Billboard Top 200 and the third album R'n'B / Hip-Hop USA.

Another success for Diddy which should be reinforced by the judicious choice of the song "Looking For Love" that you can already listen to the radio!

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