Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weezer covers of "Paranoid Android" with enough salt

Radiohead occupy a prominent place in the list of groups most versions of the story, it is possible to find adaptations of his themes in virtually all shapes and colors. The latest addition to the list is that of 'Paranoid Android' that have made Weezer, lovers declared the British formation. The issue has not been recorded for inclusion on any disk, but simply part of the practice sessions that the band is performing for an American tour.

We can see that the battery is Josh Freese, who recently had to say no to A Perfect Circle to fulfill this promise. Without going over the original distance, Californians give their distinctive touch to classic OK Computer. Meanwhile, continuing the relentless pace of publication which have lately, Rivers Cuomo confirmed a few weeks ago to be writing new material, so we will not have to wait long to have new Weezer album.

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