Monday, May 30, 2011

Arctic Monkeys Suck It And See publish streaming

In good times green sleeves, think more than one. And Suck It And See that leaked a few days ago and anyone who has loved you heard this already, but the way things work in this industry. Within a week of its launch with all of the law, Arctic Monkeys have decided to hang up his fourth album in full on Soundcloud.

The truth is that I have not given many listeners so far, mainly because I got hooked. Suck It And See the sound reminds me too much pre-Humbug, which always made me personally a little bored, so I have not found ample reason to devote my attention. So, if you go looking for someone to give you an opinion enthusiastic about this album, you better not ask me to me.

Even with all I have to admit it has some highlights, and certainly those who come to enjoy Arctic Monkeys from the beginning will be more forgiving than I am with this work. If you have not had the opportunity to form an opinion about it, here I leave the player with the twelve tracks that make up the LP in perfect provision.

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