Friday, May 27, 2011

Shy'm: "Turn" from the album "Taking the Air"

Evoked, there are some breasts on Twitter, the choice of a new single from the album Shy'm was presented. So the song "Turn" will be the fourth single from his album "Taking the air." Shy'm followed the current fashion for artists, she announced on her Twitter account and Facebook, the name of his new song.

The song "Turn" succeeds to the hits "Take the Air," "I Am Me" and "I Know" from his album "Taking the air." In his radio version, the title "Turn" was reduced compared to the version of the album. With "Turn" Shy'm bet again on a decidedly up-tempo song that marked a little more the imprint of the artist on the pop and r'n'b French at the time.

Like the rest of her album there is always the command K-Maro dealing strongly defends the interests of the singer since its inception. The title "Turn" is therefore quite naturally in the line of hits for the singer. "Turn" should be the last single from his album "Taking the air." His album has already sold 150 000 copies Aplus which places already triple gold record.

Like his previous singles, Shy'm should soon give us a clip of the song "Turn" to steal a little over his many admirers. Will we wait for a new album Shy'm before the end of the year or early 2012?

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