Friday, May 27, 2011

Justice, video of 'Civilization': so cinematic and so little to show

Justice is progressing in promoting an album that by now has no official date confirmed name or anything like that. Yes, 'Civilization', the advance single, we're listening to in the soup. This court now has a video clip, which unfortunately is the most soporific. After leave us speechless with pieces as shocking as the video for 'Stress', the French have chosen to opt this time for something more flashy and insubstantial.

Kinematics we can see some of the great buildings of glorious destruction of humanity in a world that turns on itself and stampeding bison ... In short, a bore. To make matters worse, is one of those videos where the sound effects are just imposing on the music, to distract our attention from what is truly important.

I certainly hope more of Justice in the audiovisual field for the second assault that are being prepared.

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