Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Top Hypersonic: Arctic Monkeys back on top

The general tone of recent weeks in the Top Hypersonic head is still unstable, with constant changes at the top of the table. As a result repeated Arctic Monkeys' Brick By Brick "as leaders of the list, having previously held the same post in early April. By the way, what you think of his new album, now that is circulating? Beneath the monkeys have the usual upper third of the table in recent weeks, with Foo Fighters recovering votes, Justice maintaining its comfortable third place and The Strokes suffering the biggest drop, falling from first to fourth step.

Also very remarkable soaring Eddie Vedder, who goes to seventh place after being dangerously close to the exit. Those who already have no chance to retrieve posts are PJ Harvey and The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, whose fall bring some oxygen to the table. Let's see how the thing has been to give way after the round of news.

This week one of the notable developments could not be other than 'Tango suicide' (YouTube), a subject that served us as an advance from the new album by Extremoduro longer with us. The rest of defective material, as planned, it is equally sensational. Following is a Cat's Eyes, the alternative draft Faris Badwan which shows a different side to which we had used with The Horrors.

In his first work we are left with 'Face in the Crowd' (YouTube). Although we have now The Vaccines on the payroll, give them even more court advantage that 'All in White' (YouTube) is a new single and video is even. The electronic note is provided by Katy B and 'Go Away' (Goear), an issue that can be heard on the album On A Mission.

Close before going to the polls with the second of Fleet Foxes, which include topics such as "Ocean Grown" (Vimeo).

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