Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yasmin: "Finish Line" by Freemasons and Labrinth

Warning! British pop new revelation. The young Yasmin, aged 22, has made a remarkable entrance in the rankings across the inning with a single pest called "Finish Line". The song is a pure product of the British production, made the excellent Labrinth already seen alongside Tinie Tempah and Jesie J. With "Finish Line" Yamin successfully launched his career with a song that comes in two versions, one more pop and haunting while the version done by the duo Freemasons is more upbeat.

"Finish Line" is the new song from Yasmin. This little gem pop announces the upcoming release of their eponymous album. To get acquainted with this young lady, he must know that Yasmin is a singer of Iranian descent living in England. Expressed thanks to his talent on the song "Runaway" by rapper Devlin, Yasmin is part of the famous label Ministry Of Sound.

After a few entries, Yasmin is powered by the label to a solo career. It begins in 2011 with first single "On My Own", which, despite mixed success, offers new perspectives to Yasmin. Also, with "Finish Line" Yasmin sets the scene of what easily foreshadows the world of new album. Backed by a production signed by the hand of Labrinth, and a remix signed Freemasons, Ministry Of Sound is ready to provide every opportunity to Yasmin.

And it works! The song "Finish Line" Yasmin is a nice up-tempo track that fits perfectly with the current musical trends. His partnership with the duo Freemasons is no stranger to the success of the song because this version is largely acclaimed. DJ and producer, they marked the 2000s with hits like "Love On My Mind" or "Rain Down Love" and more recently "Believer." The Freemasons are known for their remixes for Beyonce's "Deja Vu" and "Ring The Alarm" and also the song "Works" of Kelly Rowland has been a great success in Europe.

The song "Finish Line" is climbing the rankings English, with the onslaught of radio, Yasmin should quickly get to the top of the hits and thanks to the Ministry of Sound label, soon spread throughout Europe!

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