Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Omara Portuondo Chucho Valdes and star in an encounter with Cuban flavor

Omara Portuondo Chucho Valdes and have released an album with classics of Cuban music, fourteen years after working on challenges. Act July 12 in Cartagena (Murcia). So their experience. Cheerful and talkative, Chucho Valdes explains the keys to her new album, Omara musical understanding and relationship with his father, the legendary Bebo Valdes.

How is working with Omara? It is a very special emotion. I always liked his work as a singer. I followed a lot. Making this record, we realized that it is much deeper, more romantic, more mature than that challenge. She is at a stage in which, over the song, you say things. This is an album based on improvisation ...

That's right. That can only be done when there is good communication between soloist and accompanist, when both have gone through the same paths. We were looking for spontaneity. Almost all went to first shot. As does, he receives the public. What is the most important thing you learned from your father figure? As a musician, respect, seriousness at work.

Trying to do my best. And that way, live the life. Both have been appointed honorary doctorates from the University of Boston. How do you feel these awards? My dad is super happy. It deserves. Give it to me next to him is a double honor. Furthermore, I can tell that doctor: "I have been good to you." He wanted it to be serious about music.

I promised. So give it to us together is an immense happiness. Reveal the secret to playing the piano as you do. Is it more a question of talent, effort or a combination of both? Talent is one thing, but without the effort remains in what could have been but was not. The secret is to study, study and do not stop.

Never. You have to feel like a necessity, while living well, everything works. Talent, but seriously. Biography: Chucho Valdés was born in Quivicán (province of La Habana, Cuba) in 1941. He is the son of Bebo Valdés and virtuoso pianist as well, is Goodwill Ambassador United Nations. "How are you?".

"Gorda," quickly answered Omara fun. The food here is so rich that it is impossible to resist. " Eighty years of sheer charisma, vitality and sense of humor. Fourteen years later repeated with Chucho. Was left wanting more? Sure. We always win. We deeply admire one another. I've known Chuck since he was 15 years and am very interested in everything he does.

I've seen how it has evolved into a character in Cuban music. Why record together need to know well or simply plug in the musical? Both have many things in common, not as musicians but as people. And that helps to create a special magic in the studio, through which it flows in an organic and natural.

What are the fundamental differences between this album and Challenges, his previous collaboration? That album was born from an external proposal, while this has left us. This time we had more time without seeing each other and had more desire to get together and release the music. What is the Cuban music that makes it so unique? Cuba is a small country with lots of musicians.

Music is like any other place on earth, but the island has very special characteristics, their geographical location or the mixing of our traditions and rhythms with African and Spanish heritage. Submit this record in Spain with a single citation in Cartagena, La Mar de Músicas. What do they expect the concert? Cartagena is a great place.

It reminds me of Havana. We love this festival. We've been there on other occasions, both together and separately. I hope it's a success. Biography: Omara Portuondo was born in Havana in 1939. Solo debut in 1959. It is one of the greatest performers of bolero, a style that has been mixed with jazz, among other sounds.

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