Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jane's Addiction video for 'End to the Lies': addiction becomes

The Great Escape Artist is getting closer to reach the shops, with everything good and bad that this could bring. Will Jane's Addiction able to return pleased and surprised with his fourth studio album, first after the second session? For now, things do not look too bad with a first look as sweet as' End to the Lies.

" This has a corresponding single and video, the band decided to ask ShadowMachine Films, studio specializes in stop-motion, responsible for shows like Robot Chicken. The result is a mix of visual effects and bodies of a woman quite acceptable. As striking detail of the case, do not see any bass playing during the video, or Dave Sitek, and Chris Chaney, who also participated in The Great Escape Artist.

Californians have promised in various statements and striking a different disk, but the fact is that for now this breakthrough does not show anything new in them. We will continue waiting until August, is expected to arrive through Capitol Records, to see everything you can to give himself the awaited return.

Thanks to marko for the warning.

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