Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Erykah Badu video for 'Out My Mind, Just In Time': The beauty of simplicity

Erykah Badu has been active for a whopping twenty years and has never ceased to be a greater or lesser extent, a benchmark of black music in general and the soul in particular. I remember when I first heard in collaboration with The Roots that still remains among one of my favorite topics, how I loved what that voice particularly delicate, minimal but extremely expressive.

Be accused of many things to this woman, but certainly not know how to convey what he thinks is not one of them. New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh) is their fifth album, and although it is a year long - was published in March 2010 - still is squeezed all the juice in the form of singles.

The fourth is the 'Out My Mind, Just In Time', one of the best cuts of the tracklist, an ode to jazz key to impossible relationships with a letter full of wit which accompanies a piano solo and send the fees to a lonely string pair is joined. The video is just perfect. Erykah Badu has hit full in the choice of the song as the video recording, a minimalist black and white, no cuts, no change of plane, no costumes and no scenery ostentatious impossible translates your body each and every one of the sensations contained in music.

And there are times you do not need to reinvent the Odyssey to be great.

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