Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Primavera Sound 2011: death and destruction (Chronicle on Saturday, 28 May)

How beautiful is the Primavera Sound, how beautiful it is to be making the shrimp for three (or four or five) days in Barcelona between work and vacation. But all is finished, turn back to the daily routine and think, "death and destruction. Never again will a festival, just before and to be planning the next event this year.

On Saturday the Primavera Sound 2011 was very intense. From early in the morning and there were concerts with Horror or Comet Gain, among other groups, and to dismiss the day Kode9. A few hours at the time but now want to stop, once again sitting in the chair facing the computer miss. The longer reviews are P.

Roberto J. and the short are mine. Park came back to make it clear that the best and most enjoyable of what Spring is still far from large urban centers. Have adapted their songs to a new format and now play guitar on them, but they are still Espanto, and that is still be on top. Start with 'Do not be a fool more in Spain' the day they did (just after the shameful eviction Plaça Catalunya) it might be a fluke, but never meshed well.

(9) The hidden classical group of all indies is still waiting for the deserved recognition. And while touching a code debatable, their extra hits and tables to do very well. Occasionally throw, as also happens to David Gedge (Cinerama, Wedding Present), by its most powerpop, but this should only disturb the heart closed.

They and the sun made us sweat like almost no one in the PS 2011 (7). I got only the last song, unfortunately. Krautrock with a key figure in the history of music. Mom buy me a guitar I want to make a Punk-Rock band. Very young, 91 and very direct songs. A few well. (6) One of the most interesting of the Spanish landscape formats that still look more unplugged.

Good guitars. (7) Virtuous, control their songs, a great success in the voices and a good transfer to disc directly. (7.5) incomprehensible how they can break a record by becoming so interesting about System Of A Down bad. The worst concert of the festival. (0) The long-lived risky day ended with metal-based Industrial and varied pace.

Failed context for me. (7) Finally something close to Funk in the PS and the Beastie Boy's Mo 'Wax whose bass sounded bad. He very cool keyboard, guitar and voice. (7) Voice invaluable, trumpet sparkling. Banda with a rumbling drums onstage and tricks of LCD Soundsystem well learned. (6.5) Despite being an assistant was merely an annoying scream "what you are bad, it's Dean Wareham and company making false Galaxie 500 came to a slightly emotional (" Tugboat "), its guitarrazos and atmosphere.

They were what we already knew, a version of Luna Galaxie 500, but if someone has to do plundering of those songs, so unless Dean (7) The best show of the day. Impressive staging of a genre that can be tedious. They must become a drug. (10) Jon Spencer has returned with force. Gradually, the earthquake seemed to have diluted noise riding on his albums and his live shows, but the performance of this year's PS brings us resurrected.

Tremendo for almost everyone who was in the ATP. (9) A direct in the prevailing strength of the MC rapping for several bombings against the bases wore less. A shame not to understand. You can experiment in 2 ways: good or evil. Animal Collective do horrible. Not being staunch fan got to enjoy it.

I left. (1) Faced with the experimental chustera a good dose of muscular rock. Hardcore which I served with for a while and I just too tired. (5) expected to enjoy hip-hop and dance rhythms aceleradísimos I met with a power close to Industrial. 30 minutes of show. (7)

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