Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beyonce: The 12 songs of "4" and "1 +1" in new single

Almost a month of the release of "4", Beyonce's new album, things are accelerating and new information make their weekly appearances on the canvas. This Wednesday, May 25, Beyonce, who she also rides the wave of Twitter, has unveiled the list of songs that will form his new studio album. After unveiling the artwork, Beyonce has revealed one by one, tweet tweet after the names of new songs that we will discover at the end of June 2011 on the album "4".

Through this marathon day on Facebook and Twitter, Beyonce has revealed 12 names of songs and has closed on a high note, announcing the song chosen to succeed "Run The World (Girls)." All day on Wednesday, May 25, fans of Beyonce were all intent on the Facebook page of the artist. To take into halen his admirers, the American star has unveiled the list of songs from his album "4", hour by hour.

Beyonce has stated the tracklisting of his album and unveiled at the same time her new single entitled "1 +1". The song was presented that evening, exclusively, in the popular music show "American Idol." Beyonce's fans have discovered this new live single, "1 +1", which appears prominently on the album "4".

"1 +1" Beyonce is produced by the composer Christopher Stewart Britney Spears, Ciara and others. The interpretation of Beyonce leaves reveal a very beautiful love song that will happily complete directory of U.S. superstar. With "1 +1", Beyonce off again to conquer America with an interpretation chills.

An art in which Beyonce shines. With the contrast between the songs "Run The World (Girl)" and "1 +1", the album "4", composed of 12 songs, promises to be exciting. In addition, the production team would be composed of big names in American music as Christopher Stewart, Babyface, Ester Dean and Kanye West who also performs for Beyonce the only duet album, "Party" with Andre 3000.

"4" will he the favorite album of Beyonce? The fourth studio album, Beyonce will be available June 27, 2011. With already released a single, "Run The World (Girl)" and the announcement of "1 +1", "4" promises to be an album at the height of the "Millennium Award" she received for her triumphant.

Here is the list of songs for the album "4" by Beyonce 01. "1 +1" 02. "I Care" 03. "I Miss You" 04. "Best Thing I Never Had" 05. "Party" (featuring Andre 3000) 06. "Rather Die Young" 07. "Start Over" 08. "Love on Top" 09. "Countdown" 10. "End of Time" 11. "I Was Here" 12. "Run the World (Girls) "

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