Friday, May 27, 2011

Doctor Explosion concert in Gijón (Cajastur Pavilion, 05/26/2011): just like old times

Years have passed but Doctor Explosion remain. The vigorous youth of old garage is still there but have been incorporated into other styles, yes, arcane, which dominate as they had been part of her pregnancy. Gijón presented last night in his hometown, his latest album, talked with phrases (Discos Perrotti-Boomerang Records), at a concert a priori a little strange.

It was a free evening in Cycle Cajastur intersections and, like the rest of the program, the audience was sitting in the Pavilion of Cajasstur. Luckily Jorge Muñoz-Cobo came up to invite the public to rise up from their chairs and dancing and cheering accompany the songs. A pity it took so long because the feeling had been higher.

When interviewed Jorge Explosion, just greeting her new long told us they saw as fit the latest code with the classic, but hardly noticed what was a disk or another song. We note the band tad subdued, perhaps with the handicap of where the concert was being held, but once lost Doctor Explosion shame sounded like a cannon.

Not mince words to start three pildorazos: 'All Mine', 'Not so Cool' and 'You're ugly, kid', the latter all those wonderful classic nineties when they were living the story. And of course, without the varnish of the study, the new songs are mimicked between your garage fierce. The first that fell in that collection was the first single, 'Who wants what it was yesterday', and the exaggerated 'None of you', but both went to the beach with 'Let's go to the Beach', which ran recorded music, jumping and singing.

'Blue Monday' was doctorexplosionizada, much more than on the album, and 'Self-Destruction' was more caveman yet. Also dropped the new single 'Today once again', new single, 'I can not laugh <' / strong> and 'give you away', but lacked 'tap water' and one of my favorites, 'Liar Liar'. Generous cap, Doctor Explosion played two versions have not yet recorded, one of them 4PK, a relatively unknown Dutch band in 1966 recorded freakbeat 'Down & Out'.

Great song no doubt that marked a final apotheosis. Before had sounded classic as 'Out of Fun' and 'Dear Dad', by Chuck Berry. Sprinting with 'I broke the television, "the freakerío of' Dracula ye-ye 'and' Surf Taliban ', moving towards the public. 'Junk', 'The Sock' and 'Let's go 69' were key in a final apotheosis surrounded, almost as old, feverish public.

Without doubt, a show that is worth living, and of course, repeat.

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