Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lady Gaga surprised with promotion for "Born This Way"

NEW YORK (AP) - The launch of a pop star's disk is usually accompanied by magazine covers, some important presentations on television and perhaps a deal with a brand of cosmetics or clothes to remind the public of the project. But the scandal in social networks by the release of Lady Gaga's third album, "Born This Way", is reaching unprecedented levels, with agreements ranging from Starbucks to Farmville, as well as have practically given away the 17 songs disc.

It also represents the kind of bold marketing that could help rejuvenate the music industry, which is relatively weak. Gaga has had many covers of magazines, from Rolling Stone to Vogue, appearing in each program featured as "American Idol" or "Saturday Night Live", plus it had an HBO concert special.

But do not stop there. Starbucks, which usually promote artists with soft melodies as Emmylou Harris, the album sold Gaga and also launched a "digital desperate search" of items related to it. Google Chrome Gaga released a commercial with a song including the album, the online clothing store Gilt Groupe was associated with the singer to offer her inspired clothing and exclusive concerts, Best Buy will give away the album to someone who buys a cell phone with a contract and Zynga, the developer of the game "Farmville", presented "GagaVille" in which players could access special songs Gaga.

As if this were not enough, on Monday, Amazon. com sold "Born This Way" by 99 cents to promote its new music service "in the cloud, users can listen without having to download it to their reproductive systems, and demand was so great that collapsed for a moment Amazon's servers. Apparently all these strategies are paying off.

It is estimated that Gaga album will sell between half a million and a million copies when the lists of most popular albums to be revealed next week. "He tried to expand the distribution of this album and get into many trade pacts and alternative marketing as possible, "he said Tuesday Gaga representative, Troy Carter, told The Associated Press.

"Just before the reduction of music labels that are seeking to find quality partners where you know you can reach audiences and break boundaries." Among the promotions related to "Born This Way" is the set of Disney Mobile Tapulous, Tap Tap Revenge, which gives fans access to the full album and other content if you buy the game, "Born This Way Revenge" for $ 4.99 .

This is the first time that Tapulous has included 17 songs for the game at that price. Tim O'Brien, vice president of business development at Disney Mobile, said this is the third agreement with Gaga, which has led to a total of five million songs sold so far. Although they have worked with pop artists with their application Tap Tap Revenge, O'Brien said Gaga - which has 10 million followers in Twitter and was recently named the most influential celebrity by Forbes magazine - is an artist with a unique appeal.

"I've never seen anything as powerful as when Gaga channels used in social networking sites, compared with others with whom I worked," said O'Brien. "I've never seen anything like it in terms of how it uses social networking sites." In the history of pop music has been enough examples of advertising campaigns to draw attention to an album.

How can we forget the enormous statues of Michael Jackson placed around the world for his album "HIStory" or when the Backstreet Boys visited over three continents in four days to promote "Black and Blue"? or the case of Jay-Z, presented in cities within 17 hours for his album "Kingdom Come." Despite this, the editorial director Bill Werde of Billboard magazine, called the Gaga promotion efforts as a "flagship campaign" for the new music industry.

"There is nothing to be discreet in Gaga, so I do not see why should be different from his campaign, "Werde said. One of the more unusual promotions was the decision to sell Amazon MP3 disc version Gaga for 99 cents on Monday, the day of its release, as part of its drive to Amazon Cloud Drive service, which provides digital storage on a network or "cloud" to remote users.

With the album were delivered 20 gigabytes of space in the cloud. But this demand was causing delays for customers, the company said. Some questioned the decision because it was practically giving away the album for Carter this is nothing to worry and called the idea of advocacy as "incredible." "I am concerned about piracy and more people stealing music.

If you let someone know the music for that price just for one day, I think it generates a lot of attention for the record, "he added. By Nekesa Mumbi Moody

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