Sunday, May 29, 2011

Russian Red concert in Santiago de Compostela (Sala Capitol, 05/28/1911): Princess to reign reached folk pop

When the growth of an artist is burning stages and progression of age increases is so important to maintain the satisfaction of people like to know to grow a show to match its new dimension. Just 3 years ago Russian Red, the same developer behind (Ernie Productions), was responsible for introducing to go acoustic for small rooms in the festival Lolapop acting alone with his guitar.

Increasingly popular as they were reconverted his show a performance of acoustic folk ideal to play in theaters. And yesterday when I walked into the Capitol Room, the first impression was that we had traveled at 60 to a jazz club, in which the elegance that was manifested on the stage (both in musicians such as lighting and props Exquisite) almost blushed at that, like me, had gone in jeans and shirt.

At about 22.00, and in parallel with other events that, had it not coincided temporarily, would have provided a full to the brim (a certain Primavera Sound and the best of European football of the year) when he came close, but at not allowed to get comfort and freedom of movement that is appreciated, opened the repertoire with a delightful 'The memory is cruel', already anticipated what would be the night: a display of vocal performance and perfection of Lourdes instrumental in immaculate band, which would be continued by 'Nick Drake' and 'Everyday Everynight', and endorsed by a public that applauded with unusual enthusiasm.

Fuerteventura focused the repertoire of the concert, playing the complete except 'My love is gone', one of my favorite album but ended up just throwing the failure to review the portfolio. Interweaving songs from her debut time in 2 blocks of 2 songs ('No past land' and 'Take me home' after the first 3 songs, and 'Cigarettes' and 'They Do not Believe' nearing the end of the first part of the action, closed for 'My song 7 ", confirming the impression that his debut back in the middle of his current repertoire too contrasts the difference in production between now seen a very austere and other so exquisitely varied and rich that even seem belong to different artists.

Places to look for areas for not giving 10 to this evening, I'd pick a few songs in the encore that perhaps were not symbolic enough to occupy a very privileged, as the version of 'All my words' by The Magnetic Fields (which makes us ask, ever published a full disc in Castilian?) and "Loving Strangers", the song included in a Room in Rome and, after returning to leave the band and return alone to stage to close the night with 'A hat'.

And everything else? can only add: its conception of a complete show: down to the smallest detail lighting, clothing, signage. The sympathy when addressing the audience, of showing friendly, spontaneous and grateful (do you want me to say, although the club is not my first team, it seemed appropriate gratitude to all the people who prioritize their concert regardless of how we like football), to engage an audience (such as looking for those workers whose birthday was on 14 January) that corresponded surrendered and conquered by the talent and magnetism of one of the great talents of his generation.

Despreocúpense, if repairs are created, all its success, or their prejudices against "all those girls folkie." The princess has grown folk, and was not guess roof.

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