Friday, May 27, 2011

Lucia Perez had been in office 16 of Eurovision, as the result of televoting

The performance of the Spanish representative in Eurovision, Lucia Perez, in the European final was much better appreciated by the spectators by the jury. This has been known this week, after the EBU officially unveil the number of votes received by each artist, distinguishing between those given by the experts and the televoting.

The jury's favorite song was the Italian, the televoting of the Azerbaijan in the list published by the organization on their website, you can see how the Galician singer was just 38 points by the jury, but 73 of the viewers. To respond only to televoting, the artist had served as sixteenth in the final board, while experts have catapulted to the penultimate position rather than the penultimate, as eventually happened.

The discrepancies between the opinion of the audience and the jury did not end there. For example, Denmark much like the jury, which awarded 168 votes, that viewers (61). However, the latter's vote was decisive triumph for Azerbaijan in the final. The winners televotantes gave its highest score (223 compared with 182 of the jury).

The favorite candidate of the experts was Italy, who spent 251 votes. The song I least liked the jury was that of Russia. For televoting, Switzerland was the worst.

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