Friday, May 27, 2011

Primavera Sound 2011: the beergate a good start against art (Chronicle, Thursday 26 May)

Primavera Sound 2011 began with luxury and misery. It was bad day at the artistic, better start than previous years, with various groups to shine even more than expected. But organizationally, the thing was a disaster. The system "fills your card on the net with money and then pays with her at the bar" was a disaster from early afternoon.

The system crashed, it was impossible to access most festival-goers to link your card to your account on the Portal, and, last but not least, those who had linked and could not pay because the bars did not work at all. That, plus the paradox that a festival sponsored by a brand of beer was for more than five hours without being able to serve except in certain places (area VIP and press area, a few bars), finally give a feeling horrible for a festival usually immaculate in these things.

Gentlemen, it is best not to invent: the final solution to pay with money eventually imposed. Experiments with gas, but not just the year you take a quantum leap from people and promise that there will be neither a tail. Wrong, and hopefully better today. Hopefully, there is an obligation to improve today.

A lack of internet time, a moment that Twitter is all the rage in the media. I (Natxo Sobrado) do my reviews in 140 characters. Bizarre Love Triangle: an opening of the festival with TAB is an opening that gives pleasure. Forcefulness, good muscular guitars and speed. (8) Thelemáticos: Despite cold start something and go from less to more, Thelématicos had no problems in showing why their songs are short and contudentes are primitive rock'n'roll better harvest with a good pop drops psychedelia.

The Oh Sees If they had been in love with Patrolman Mancuso discs (which should have, so someone will have to pass them), would leave songs like Sergio and company. And there are so many people who dedicate the message of 'Little House' ... (7.5) Cults: Banda Internet hype with a sound disastrous, to the can, a singer always looking for the emphasis to her voice and a sweetened pop boring.

(2) Blank Dogs: You would think that the cocktail retro eighties pop and electronics and had its moment and should be going out of fashion. But Blank Dogs cling to him kindly, and even walk away from finding the memorable song, they can win with those ubiquitous keyboard lines and texture of chewing gum.

May not be a huge group, but keep the guy alive and they can find the grace that makes you go to the disks. The conclusion I drew then it is likely to be something else, but in any case it is nice to go to a concert and not get bored. (6) Of Montreal: halfway between The Darkness and Scissor Sisters in the audiovisual project.

Performances wrestling with a cheerful pop. (7) The Fresh & onlys: Not disappointed, even for those who were going after having fallen in love with his albums of sixties garage. They gave a great concert to know that Primavera Sound this will be over with some group will always remember.

No cuts, no nonsense, do not fit the sound of their albums but they added a point much stronger, more rock. Are willing and have the whole future ahead of him (9) Seefeel: hypnosis based on the best drone and IDM based on dense layers are superimposed to cover Sarah Peacock on vocals. (8.5) P.

i. L. (Public Image Limited), the evening concert. More than an hour and a half of a huge John Lydon. Punkarra strong voice and with a band that gave the mattress. (10) Grinderman: Nick Cave is a piece of frontman and the rest of Grinderman, with Warren Ellis and his violin in the lead, already have plenty of experience to lift any concert.

So it was not very difficult stage to fill the gaps San Miguel with a proposal apparently volcanic and cathartic. And even then, live I still leave gaps in the same album: Grinderman those songs remain the weakest in years Cave and his fierce looks like a souvenir, to get a chapita and say you do what you do in rather than in reality.

(7) The Walkmen: A more than Inde Rock Band with three catchy singles and faster than conceal the monotony of other topics. Crowded concert. (4) Interpol: Filling the new Scenario Llevant (also known as "did not want to walk, take two cups"), Interpol gave a concert very very carefully and makes it clear that his charm and also its limitations.

It is not difficult to snag his best songs, pop songs of darkness where the bass dominates everything, but we must recognize that when they get to be heavy, can be a lot. The biggest problem with the band foreigner speak Castilian best in the world is that however much they try, can never be outstanding, so that when the repertoire list to the songs they falter, they live very noticeable.

Still, when you shine is understood to have that point of "almost massive." (6) performing first Suicide LP: geniuses ahead of any current permeable Industrial scene, Alan Vega and Martin Rev regained the No Wave-based reverb and lots of noise. (8.5) Caribou: confirmation as the new star of the electronic indie pop band in a format based on developments and long crescendos perfect.

(9) Flaming Lips: Now we know what the giant ball, confetti and colorful, yet never fails to impress the show that brings the Flaming Lips on stage, with attendants dressed in Wizard of Oz, lights strobe fanfare and volume. And indeed, when they decide to give it all, the code that handle goes from bright to brilliant: there are 'She Do not Use Jelly', the delicacy with which they tried to Yoshimi, the yes-yes-yes that sounds better live than on disc and crazy bunch of hymns that have been invented.

Of course, one wishes that Wayne is more concerned with singing and less to break the internal rhythm of its own concerts for truce would not be one hundred percent enjoyable. (8)

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