Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coldplay: A sketch sound of their new album 2011?

Coldplay turns up the pressure. In recent days, the band Chris Martin having fun, both on his official website and on social networks, publish clues that could announce their new and fifth studio album, scheduled for autumn 2011. Many fans of Coldplay have questions. Nobody knows the meaning of the messages that the group disclose online.

However, this buzz campaign announces the arrival of the new firm's 2011 album Coldplay. A first should no longer delay. Also, Coldplay accelerate communication and just posted on his official site a new teaser video ... very disturbing. This new video of thirty seconds is accompanied by music composed of a roaring bass line and worrying as to boost the nascent plot.

There followed a series of words. Delivered collage, these sentences speak of light, love, tears and Cathedral, a whole program ... The teaser video for Coldplay does not provide any further information on the new album the group as expected. The fifth studio album Colpdlay is planned for this fall, we could easily expect to discover a first single in June 2011.

Strongly on!

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