Friday, May 27, 2011

The MEI in Paris

Mei - Meeting of Independents - landed in Paris. On the occasion of the Music Festival on Sunday 19 June, Mei will be the spokesperson for the Italian music in Paris with the original mlange of sounds and genres of Quintorigo, Nests of Arac and their latest album "Taranto Container ", the famous quartet of vintage Ex and Khorakhan and their social commitment, the singer Romagna Macola, Giuseppe Righini with his latest work" In Apnea "and franconapoletani Guappecart.

The eleventh edition of the Italian Culture Week will be held June 18 to 26, organized by the Mairie of 13me arrondissement in partnership with several Italian associations, including social background, living in Paris. The concert on June 19, held as part of the events of the European Music Festival (19-21 June) organized by the coordinator of Italian music, born recently in the French capital to continue the activity in France carried on for years in Italy and in Europe to spread stories of well known Italian music of quality and content of all types of music.

Mei continues so the celebrations for his fifteen years, and after Paris, the upcoming events will be: Supersound - the biggest music festival for young emerging Italian live - to be held in Faenza 23 to 25 September and MedimexMei - Fair of Music of the Mediterranean, November 25 to 27 at the Fiera del Levante.

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