Friday, May 27, 2011

Supersubmarina - Feedback (EP): discards Electroviral

Supersubmarina has been one of those groups of the indie spectrum are most adjacent to the pop can reach radiofórmulas and the mass audience. In 2008 they started to make inroads with Cientocero, his first work published in short form and three songs and two older versions of the subject that gave name to the EP.

In 2009 it was the turn of Supersubmarina, with which we find in these parts, whose main virtue was the ability to digest the nearest independent minimal level, which Vetusta Morla has exploded with a lot left. Electroviral was very attractive, consistent and sincere with a natural approach, avoiding the poses that unfortunately we are in the indie in more than one occasion.

It was hoped that did not take long in getting new material to catch the wave that began with its first EPs. Feedback is his fourth publication, turning once again to build short, with only four songs that are somehow a continuation of what they raised on their album. However, more than a natural evolution taking as a starting point Electroviral, it seems a group of discards quite dispensable.

In feedback, Supersubmarina has opted to try and keep the formula that has given good results before, but this time it lacks originality and it shows a lack of risk. Not seen any new proposals, except perhaps the terrifying composition of lyrics, which is scary at times, especially in 'Kevin Mcalister, "the court opens the tracklist and tells the protagonist's experience of psychotropic Home Alone with a few years more to the backs.

This prick my attention especially after the letters of Electroviral prove as successful in its context, but to be honest, the worst happens in this first song, passing unnoticed far more points the rest of the compilation. 'Puta Vida' significantly improved compared to the previous cut and remember the best moments of his previous publications.

Here the formula does work hard, but I can not help me as strange as it seems to me this kind of resurrection of which earned them a year ago instead of trying to see where the group goes, if it goes somewhere or if you only aim is to give of themselves that gave them success in the past.

'Empress' opens the second half of the album repeating once more style and sound, to the extent that would not wash out of tune least Electroviral the tracklist. The only different contribution is the use of melody and harmony of the theme of James Bond in the eighties. Feedback closes finally 'The Gathering', which at times recalls powerfully 'Heat Wave', especially in the stanza after the chorus, and again made me wonder the need to release an EP that could have been a typical CD B-sides and rarities that accompany reissues or compilations to how the record industry is keen for return again and again work already done and promoted.

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