Sunday, May 29, 2011

Barca's victory marks the last day of Spring

If that was not enough with the festival, literally and figuratively, the Primavera Sound had been prepared in the previous two days, Saturday met probably the biggest roller coaster of feelings weekend. Input, a light meal, Fleet Foxes, second final of the Champions League with Barça winning their fourth European crown and a varied dessert which amounted to PJ Harvey, the experimental electronic Animal Collective and DJ Shadow.

The closure has been a rollercoaster of emotions: football, celebration, folk and experimental electronics a day with far fewer people than on Friday, and possibly even on Thursday, organizational failures of previous days were minimized to seem almost nonexistent. And in a much more relaxed atmosphere came the first visit to the Fleet Foxes to Spain.

Rested, pulling folk, gathered at a mass much quieter than that twenty hours before he had given everything to Pulp, but do not hesitate to tear their clothes and the vocal cords with White winter hymnal. Toca follow them closely. After the minute it came to music, joked some, was the real headliner of this year's Primavera Sound: the final of the Champions League between FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

The broadcast of the game was kept secret until the day of the events and the organization would not comment anything about it in kis previous days, but as stated common sense enabled Llevant stage to continue the game on multiple screens. A play in which all won, the festival made box with tons of beer kegs that ended exhausted and collapses at the end avoided the meeting to enter the hall and the audience, about 10,000 people, which saved an extra trip out of Parc del Forum in order to follow that would eventually become the fourth Barça triumph of the greatest European club competition.

With one of the best albums of 2009 still fresh in memory, Animal Collective were important to solve a ballot on the main stage. True to his custom, did not disappoint all those who have followed their live: much experimentation and few concessions to the audience. Great for some, con for others, of Baltimore has complied with the expectations.

Another thing is that the public has thought the same thing. A much safer bet was that of PJ Harvey. Leaving the stage just after Abidal lifted the cup in London, the singer has pulled a repertoire centered on his latest work. You know, if you do not risk not win, but it is also harder to lose.

Tell that to Animal Collective. And the finale, which prompted the organization any festivalero electronics. And the best example of Saturday night was DJ Shadow. Versed as to the closure of musical events, the American pulled gallons to put the finishing touch to a festival near mint condition.

Because unless the problem with the card payment system, which collapsed at the first hurdle on Thursday, the Barcelona event continues to consolidate as an essential appointment festivalero Spanish panorama. The number of spectators for this year has been placed on the 120,000 who have walked over three days have seen them all: legends, groups and bands of the moment to discover.

The curtain closed, touches put to work to give back to welcome summer in the best possible way. And if the sea front, in the Parc del Forum, the better. Do not have how to go? Carpool.

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