Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sex Museum become the kings of rock & roll malasañero

There is only one possible place for a beer with Fernando Pardo, guitarist of the Sex Museum, The Coronas: a terrace Malasaña Madrid. "I have a cottage, but this is my garden," jokes the musician, rock and roll logo turnover in the central district for a quarter of a century. People expected something more extreme, but we needed to prune the tree In Again & Again, his new album, Sex Museum has chosen to switch third.

"We've gone up another step. People were expecting something more extreme, but we needed to prune the tree, start from scratch after all these years." One might think that some of the drop in speed has to do with age. Nothing is further from the truth. "On stage we still have the same energy.

Those who come to us know, at concerts you sweat Sex Museum." Sweating is also what the band continues to move forward. They are the disadvantages of self: "We are fucking well-Pardo says," but it is true that for this to work we need to sack currar: We do our own records, designs, tour ...".

Just as Brown could speak knowingly about the current status of a genre that continues to arouse passions despite having many years "in recession" as a mainstream impact. "The last real heyday was the grunge rock. He has not had another explosion as well. Today, the rock needs new icons credible.

Without them, it ceases to be a popular thing is a thing of fans like me. "Maybe it's better that way. Because this music has always worked better for short distances in small rooms in the big stadiums. Although touch sweat.

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