Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lady Gaga presents his new single 'Hair' Up in a unicorn-piano

Lady Gaga fails to impress and performing live with his piano as his new sencilloHair unicorn. The joy of the fans has not been waiting at this directory that serves as the beginning of the new live performances to prepare for this summer. Hair is one of the issues that are part of discoBorn This Way, which almost reaches one million copies sold in the U.S..

Lady Gaga has stated in his Twitter that this new interpretation for Good Morning America at the foot of her unicorn-piano is one of their favorites. The artist climb on stairs that make a block together with the piano unicorn caught a lively public. Their costumes, set entirely in a fantasy world, would set the magic that took the action: during the song was different wigs that accompanied his flamboyant and flashy makeup.

Lady Gaga is not considered to be a character but being herself ABC presenters had the opportunity to interview the singer, who was very happy with her new album, saying she wants her fans get the best of themselves: they are proud of what each one does. Born This Way wants to convey not only fun but no dream is too big.

Also, Lady Gaga confessed he never thought he could become "the most powerful artist in the world" (in the words of the interviewer) and always focused on music. On the other hand declared that "the instrument that I never learned to play is my fans, that's the part of the story that no one teaches you.

The powerful word makes me uncomfortable. Just want to do the right thing and be a voice with my fans. " The artist encouraged all his followers to fight elbulling in schools and help all the kids that are disadvantaged or have few friends. He has also confessed to not separate the ring from his grandfather since he died six months ago between reality and theater, Lady Gaga claims not to be a character but to be herself: "I could not be otherwise." In closing, she stated that she really likes is to be famous and that but it was, would be working on it.

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