Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pulp indignantly turned to the mass of the Primavera Sound

Participants of the Primavera Sound, the day Friday was, much less odd. Not because of the barrage of audience today at the Forum, which far exceeded that gathered on Thursday night, but by the strange atmosphere at Barcelona from the police charges yesterday in the Plaza Catalunya. Banners and graffiti abound for camping and anti-eviction and more than one artist got on the bandwagon of the complaints that have occurred throughout the day.

All of this had to add the tingling throughout the day again see Pulp at their first concert together since ue is separated princes of the century and has been the main attraction of the festival during the preceding months. Today we are not going to give a concert of a band history. Today we make history, "presented pulps of the bands that marked a whole generation of people attending the Primavera Sound, the victory was sung from minute one." Today we're not doing a show about a band history.

Today we make history ", was shipped Jarvis Cocker, lead singer, just inside the San Miguel scene, the epicenter of Barcelona nightlife. And so, as that is defoliating a daisy, Pulp hymns rang several generations. From FEELIN G STREET D LOV E to mass Disco 2000 could do little but give everything.

The highlight, of course, kept it for the common people, an issue was gaining importance in a day like today marked by the events of the Plaza Catalunya and Jarvis gave himself, of course, ordinary people leading several days camping. If it is difficult to see Pulp live considering that the concerts that will be offered in the meeting are counted in a snapshot, almost more so to witness a live performance by The National.

And not because Americans do not leave their country, but against our country visits to be counted on the fingers. And last night was the opportunity to enjoy High violet, which are hard to finish and not earn credit only for the press, also the most curious. During an hour long, Americans gave a recital in which simple but perfectly able to combine the best times to drop bombs in a timely manner.

And all without missing some of the jewels of Boxer (Squalor Victoria, Fake Empire, Mistaken for Strangers), his previous work, or remote Alligator (Mr. November). With two bands of this caliber is little room for other options. The highlights of the evening, Deerhunter, a guitar recital immediate collapsed the second scenario, the Llevant, and Battles, late at night, who were responsible for giving a lesson in what is called post-rock, shoe for more mundane.

Tomorrow, in the final of the European Cup on the horizon, excitement ahead. The game will focus much of the audience, which can then choose to spend time close to PJ Harvey or indulge in earthly pleasures of Animal Collective. Not because there is to choose. Do not you like to go? Carpool.

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