Saturday, May 28, 2011

Primavera Sound 2011: the day that you asked to marry him (Chronicle of Friday, 27 May)

Do you remember the first time? Pulp were the second day dish large Primavera Sound 2011, which was also the day that seemed more interesting names match. Do not say we have not suffered with the overlaps, because we have spoken, but nevertheless, we again get a good taste in the mouth with several names and that makes it bearable disappointment with others.

And if yesterday we mentioned how much he had left the organization to improve in an event marked by the Beergate, we can say that almost everything was perfect yesterday, paid with money in the bars, plus everyone got a refund of money had in his wallet cards. If you have not already done, go through one of the positions of "Charging" which now conveniently has changed its name to the "Returns".

And now, we are the only festival that Pulp have served as the soundtrack for a marriage live. (P. Roberto J.) The same as yesterday: the chronicles of 140 characters of the sign I, the rest are from Roberto. The two-hour concert on Thursday slightly different from that Sufjan Stevens scored in the auditorium cleared several doubts about The Age of Adz, but not eliminate the sensation of enjoying his lower disc.

As much as Sufjan shine live with their wings, horror vacui now leading the scenarios can be exhausting. (7) We were talking about hardcore, but there is almost nothing Berlinetta names and yes mentioning too wicker group yet. If you really want to be like At The Drive-In and Fugazi and not just one of many groups that drew on the B-Core 90 (does anyone remember them?) Should not only play well (they did) but try to capture inspiration more often (4).

Almost at the same time as Berlinetta, but just in the opposite direction. It now takes Ainara LeGardon live is very different from what we did at first. If you still think in it with his acoustic guitar is appropriate for you to take a look at his new album, sounded as furious, electricity and much good to tell the Ray-Ban, which is not exactly a small stage.

Grande. (7) are the group that hits you is putting the most needed today in Spain, and in his second Primavera Sound, the first in the Forum, did not disappoint. As in his last concerts, still recovering from the first demo songs to raise them to inhabit the same altars of the Force, a record must.

And although yesterday I left over a song and a half (guess what those were), Kokoshca are so essential in vivo that the organization of PS should do with them as Steve Albini and Shellac and give an annual concert. (9) Pure dynamite in the well-known songs. Rock & Roll fast and catchy choruses.

Looser in the first and the slow keyboard. (7) As an album as his delightfully small, pleasantly surprised to see so many fans on stage to enjoy the concert ATP Tennis. And yes, I said fans, the people there knew the words, she started the group and enjoyed dances in the joie de vivre that release these songs.

Eye, because in addition to tennis, a great concert, seemed at times near Beach House, and not just by Pelaz of the singers. (8) Rock'n'Roll. Those three words have been emptied of meaning, but there was a time, when used for naming the music, which were worth to describe just what M. Ward played on stage San Miguel.

And having someone today who has no problem in bringing back the rock and roll that gave rise to all this is wonderful. Do not waste time anymore to devote She and him, Him, Himself, to release albums and giving huge concerts that you can not remove the smile. (8.5) Slow and warm with a couple jazzy drums and guitar with minimal bases between the IDM and the Abstract.

And then he: vocals and keyboard. The new Soul. (9) Oh, The National. How they sound live, what good touch and what group so big stadiums before us. But which way to poach, as it happens on your disks, in these songs so bland that occasionally they slip between its main themes. If you have not yet studied the disk out to dispel all the drawbacks that we put them as a group, they live and much-needed note of it to come up with a code for cracks or holes to fill (6) Touches of Disco and a somewhat tacky Soul.

Feints to the Happy Mondays and spasms of Led Zeppelin. Everything is possible with Ariel. (8.5) Hey, Shellac is leaving the scene of the Primavera Sound, and seeing a relaxed than what we never have imagined. And Steve Albini said yesterday that this is an amazing festival, full of sexy people to whom you could fuck, but as we enjoy each year we will have to take the reclusive fame Albini.

And the concert? As grand as ever, and even slightly different than in previous years. To see if you take and give a small disk and dump to their repertoire (8). The fanfare in which Belle & Sebastian have become over the years is, say, glorious, but I am unable to connect. The worst thing is that the blame for everything bad that I see in Stuart Murdoch and company for several disks seems to be just what I like about them during the first stage: one triplet / quartet / quintet glorious pre-effect EPs 2000.

It is no coincidence, then, that in vivo these Belle & Sebastian recovered to win 'La Pastie de la Bourgeoisie' and 'Legal Man'. It danced and well, but no, Murdoch, That You Constantly I play music it says nothing about my life ... and less if you do things like 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress.

" (5) began with a volume too low, then improved. Pop songs great fit for another time and without prior agreement with rush. (5) Right after 'I Spy' and before 'Underwear', Jarvis was helping a boy to ask her to marry, in the Primavera Sound, his girlfriend. And right in the middle of 'Sunrise', the couple who was just in front of me at the concert were fighting loudly, discussion covered only by the tide soundtrack song sounded looser than in the concert of Pulp.

And those two scenes (plus the subsequent reconciliation of the latter, no blood came to the river) may well have been the result of a show put together by Jarvis to fit the return of Pulp in the context in which always moved her songs. But no, it has never Pulp trap or cardboard. Not even his return.

"Is a dream" "Is it some kind of joke?" "Are you sure you want to do this?" Pulp themselves playing with their fears and so many of us to a meeting that, like all groups viejunos returning for money, could have ended in disaster. But, of course, Pulp has never been a normal group and gave the concert they had to give that we returned with their tails between their legs, thinking "at least I have his records." No, at least we have his records: we've had a lot of time there and now, thanks, we have seen them live, see them playing a dream set list, which were almost all, yes, 'Common People' dedicated to outraged, and 'Babies' and 'This Is Hardcore' and 'Something Changed' and 'Razzmatazz' in the encore, but also 'Pink Glove', 'Pencil Skirt' or 'Bar Italia'.

And Jarvis is suddenly removed all the years I have been putting more on his solo career and returned to being the guy who taught us to love / fuck / discuss / girlfriend / live and the rest returned to put the soundtrack to our lives, the same soundtrack full of real romance that has helped us to survive this, to business.

Pulp. Yes, Pulp. I remember the first time. (10) You've said all Roberto. In me outweighed the desire and excitement to see the concert Pulp itself. Well and hymns. (8)

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