Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Super Heavy: new band from Mick Jagger VIP

Super Heavy or how a group of friends decided to come together to make music together. Super Heavy is the name of the new group as the leader of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger was founded with a bunch of famous musicians. Information released by the New York Post in its columns, Mick Jagger absent from the music scene's latest series of concerts with The Rolling Stones returned to service with a new art project with renowned artists.

Is this the end of the Rolling Stone? The news caused a stir this week. But Mick Jagger has already used to his musical escapades during his career. Vistas solo and now a new group, Super Heavy, is composed of the English singer Joss Stone, Dave Stewart of the composer, musician and co-founder of Eurythmics, the son of Bob Marley, Damian Marley and composer music of Indian origin Allah Rakha Rahman, a prodigy whose art is skillfully mix traditional music and electronics, especially known for the success of the soundtrack to the film "Slumdog Millionaire." The birth of Super Heavy is not a coincidence, but has its roots in previous collaborations with Mick Jagger artists.

Mick Jagger had already collaborated with Dave Stewart and Joss Stone on the movie "Alfie" by Charles Shyer, in 2004. At the announcement of these great names, we may expect to discover a new artistic project of Mick Jagger high-in-color. Rock'n'roll, pop, soul, world music, a mix of backgrounds which should give a new flavor to the music of Mick Jagger.

Few details were revealed about the new group Super Heavy. However, a source of daily New York Post said "They just finished recording the album and the first video, and now discussing with the record companies are most important for the signing of the contract." The Super Heavy album was produced in a studio in Los Angeles and could be released in September 2011.

The Wikipedia page of the group has been created with a statement of Mick Jagger. Many are still questioning the band's musical style Super Heavy, but the artists who blends artistry of the promises we made an effervescent music.

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