Friday, July 1, 2011

Björk explores the possibilities of the 'apps' on his new album

Where are music, nature and technology? Can intensified the strains of a keyboard with a mathematical and rigorous app? Icelandic singer Björkresponde this question in his latest album, Biophilica, a multimedia project that brings together the music, smartphone applications, Internet, art installations and live performances.

The hard research in the ever expanding infinite universe Although the disc will be released until September 20, the artist has provided some details on the one hand, it is a hymn to nature and explore " the infinite universe in constant expansion, from the solar system to the molecular structure.

"On the other, is a technology experiment which includes advanced multimedia applications. As an example, and you can hear the first single from this work, Crystalline, which can be heard here. In addition, Björk is already planning some shows to play the new songs live and who will, especially designed and built instruments to do so.

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