Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 +1 questions that view or not Pearson aka Sound Ramadanman at Sonar 2011

Come up with something very rich to continue reviewing the lineup of Sonar 2011. One of the Match Pearson Sound Bjørn Torske is coming dj format and will be in the SonarLab at 1:15 am on the initiative "BBC Radio 1 shows." We put the catiuscas and we get fully into the world under British Fangano to know 10 +1 reasons to go see Ramadanman, another alias of David Kennedy, who hides under Pearson Sound.

Pearson Sound - Blank (YouTube) Pearson Sound - NSWL007 (YouTube) On behalf of Ramadanman has not neglected his career, more active than under Pearson Sound. Along with SX are encouraged to publish 'Woooo Glut' with a more Grime his other alias. Pearson Sound - WAD (YouTube)

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