Sunday, May 1, 2011

AudioTrack Jeniferever + live in Oviedo (The Old Station, 04/23/2011): technical draw

Last Saturday we returned to Oviedo to attend a double feature courtesy of The Radio Cristal, always on the lookout for interesting offer national and international performances. The Old Station, in the Cuesta La Vega, was again chosen to host the local performances and AudioTrack Jeniferever. Two bands who had already shared the stage at the Savoy Club, Gijón and follow the track for some time, so it was like a reunion of old colleagues in the sparse scenario Oviedo.

And this time no one could say that he had invited group, or opening act, because they either had enough stem to lead the cartel, although the deference that the stranger seized Jeniferever leadership. The Uppsala brought their new album, Silesia, which provided copies on CD, but where were the beautiful color vinyl that his company, Monotreme Records, has made? I was without him and without any previous selling at prices a bit exorbitant for the beleaguered Spanish economy.

And in Gijon came with a solid training, following the changes made in 2009 which dropped the singer and guitar player was added. As quintet continue to prepare and layout issues that must be the replacement of your now distant and interesting A Place Beyond Svalbard. Post-rock instrumental AudioTrack what they do and their shapes are closer to what I call the Holy Trinity of American post-rock, namely, Caspian, Junius and Constants.

Having three guitars on stage gives them a stage presence, density and vitality that seems to listen after you leave your body and you join the flow noise generated combined with bass and drums. AudioTrack gave no respite at any time, reached, touched and convinced once more in his forty-five minutes with a proposal stony, rocky, generating sound those walls have learned from the greatest of the genre and that have shaped his will.

Nihil Obstat would say Latinos. Then, and after changing the backline, the Swedes brought a considerable pottery finally became strong on stage, good between the small stage and the immediate to him, Jeniferever, which convinced me from beginning to end. I did not expect a band one hundred percent post-rock, the quartet also has enough of shoegaze and indie pop vein of melancholy that have just exploded in this third album, Silesia, and that they will lose a lot of fans to bet that his side edged more guitar, although I quite comforting listening.

Because his new release deflates moments between half-times cajole you, if 'Cathedral Peak', but do not get filled until there is a crescendo, an explosion of guitars as in 'Deception Pass. " In his appearance in Oviedo only if it is noticed. I got comments that had been flat, very linear, but for me were amazing, accessible with a touch lacking in Caspian, and the timbre of the singer, Kristofer Johnson, less cloying than the disk.

And the subjects were given time to make their previous releases: 'Ox-Eye' of Spring Tides (Monotreme Records, 2009) or 'Alvik' for Choose a Bright Morning (Monotreme Records, 2006) is not out of place in a concert that I liked it for that glow that barely hinted at in his role as studio and my photographer was thrilled.

We follow the track.

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