Monday, May 9, 2011

Battles, video of 'Ice Cream': as a melting ice

I do not know why I like it more if 'Ice Cream', the new song by Battles, ahead of their second album due out Gloss Drop Out on June 7 or video that she has done in Canada. The two things together, "song of summer? From what I have no doubt is that we will spend the coming months, saying "like a melting ice cream" as does the Chilean Matias Aguayo, following the departure of the band Tyondai Braxton, in a hypnotic mantra throughout the song.

By the way, this could not be a new song from El Guincho? Getting tired, and saturation of these exotic rhythms and repetitive (the fault of Animal Collective), like the hundreds of images that form each of the videos of the production costs Catalan to assimilate. But we will not advance at the moment plays out his tongue and taste.

How I love.

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