Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2: the hip-hop become public interest

All genres have that kind of artists who break boundaries, being able to please even those not fond of that style. No one can deny that Beastie Boys are the benchmark for the hip-hop, the group is able to agree to supporters and detractors of the album based rhyme addictive, wildly effective and unique in all its facets.

Maintain freshness when you have a quarter century with the microphone in the hand is not easy, but that's the point that separates the great from the rest. With Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 (do not look for the first part because there is not now, they are well), the trio ends a particularly difficult period, because during these years Adam Yauch has had to face the terrible struggle that involves cancer.

Once the demon, it's time to enjoy again. In its latest assault on the record store, called The Mix-Up, had the audacity to score a wholly instrumental work with surprisingly positive results. Four years after such a wonderful Majadera, New Yorkers return to their usual formula, that seems no longer wear that I've been using, and which again give us a mandatory listening album.

Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise (YouTube) often tend to underestimate the fun music, considering it less worthy or made that sad. Beastie Boys once again show us the error of that thought, for his latest album is full of irresistibly humorous songs, but with that joke again make an art as worthy as the most tear of the dramas.

If you seek something new for his part in Hot Sauce Part Committed. 2 Wait till you, because nothing that shown here differs from that shown in his seven previous albums. Variety on the bases, joking with the lyrics and the odd guest brought it to make a note of additional color. If something works ...

The mix of genres with rap as a central axis is again made clear, making room for the rock ('Say it', 'Lee Majors Comes Again "), reggae (" Do not Play That I Do not Game Can not Win ') or the eternally revered funk ("Funky Donkey"). Nor do they forget their last effort and offer the bombastic "Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament" as representative instrumental.

Such variety is very well run, despite the constant changes achieved record their identity to remain above the ups and downs. Beastie Boys - Lee Majors Come Again (YouTube) With sixteen cuts, which in practice become thirteen songs and interludes barring dispensable final track, forty-four minute album are fairly well measured.

The exact dose of Beastie Boys we needed after so many years of hesitation and delay. Issues such as those mentioned above, along with others like 'Too Many Rappers' or 'Here's a Little Something for Ya', show that despite the age of this skull trio still has plenty up in the veins and want to infect her.

Not every album is equally brilliant, and tracks like 'Disco Nonstop Powerpack' or experimental 'Tadlock's Glasses' can spark a yawn. But the damage done to the whole is not enough to prevent Pt 2 Hot Sauce Committee will deservedly earn their place in the group's discography, and incidentally also in our private collections.

No matter if you like hip-hop or you are unable to cite a single rapper, the Beastie Boys is in the public interest.

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