Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Carreras and Domingo consider forming a trio with a female voice

Vienna, May 11 (EFE) .- Spanish tenor Jose Carreras said today that the successful trio he formed with Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti with the deceased is unique, but said it is considering using the Madrid Under the possibility of creating one with a female voice. On July 7, 1990 Carreras, Pavarotti and Domingo first performed as The Three Tenors at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, and made his legendary performance in a concert that sold more than 70 million records.

"One option that I see with love and is thrilled to sing with Placido in a more or less immediate future ", said Efe Carreras in Vienna. However, for the Catalan tenor, "it would be wrong, would not be ethical or logical" that the project involves a third tenor, but however if they would be open, he added, with the participation of a soprano, as has been done before.

"We sang concerts with pop stars such as Diana Ross and Natalie Cole," recalled Carreras. The musician gave a press conference in Vienna to present their upcoming engagements in Vienna, including a prestigious concert in the Konzerthaus on 14 October. "With Plácido I have a wonderful professional and personal relationship.

And be happy if I had the chance to work with him again. And it may happen soon, we are considering, "he told reporters. The press conference began with the gift of a T-FC Barcelona's number 10 under his name, to what Carreras, Barcelona declared supporter, expressed surprise and predicted that the Blaugrana are crowned champions of Europe on 28 May.

The opera star regretted that this time, professional issues, you can not go to watch the final live at Wembley Stadium in London (UK), it will be on tour in China. The famous Catalan tenor Efe also advanced some details of their upcoming album, due out in late fall and is in production.

"We still are not exactly set the titles, but as always sung by the tenors, everything has to do with passion, love and indifference," he said. Carreras also had words for one of its major projects, the foundation to fight the leukemia that bears his name, which, with support from the Generalitat of Catalonia, is building a research center that will be a global standard.

"We are very excited. This center will provide an opportunity for more than 50 researchers for research on leukemia for each day of the year, hopefully, many years, "he said. Carreras himself suffered a little over twenty years of leukemia and had to undergo a transplant of bone marrow.

After that, he created the foundation for fighting the disease .-

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