Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"La Casa", the new Candy Cyanide: originality and feeling (+ photos and video)

The members of the popular Venezuelan band Rock Candy Cyanide visited the offices of Music Rumors which like to talk about their new production titled "The House" and also answered some questions asked by friends Twitterers. has two-decade career, this talented group started in 1991 consists of Asier Cazalis (vocals, guitar and harmonica), Miguel "El Enano" Gonzalez (guitar, chorus), Pavel Tello (bass), Darius Adams (drums).

Today is one of the bands with more experience and national and international recognition. With a smile on their faces and the main feature, simplicity, Asier, Miguel and Dario shared a pleasant evening in our spaces, although Pavel Tello could not come because of the more routine torture of Caracas, "queues a day.

" His latest promotional theme is the 3rd cut the band's self-titled album. According to them is the soft song of the disc but with unavoidable essence of good Rock and Roll. This time the boys took refuge on the beautiful beaches of the archipelago Los Roques to give life to his most recent production, material that was recorded during two intense days under the direction of Miguel Angel Alonso and Xtreme Pictures production.

Asier According to "La Casa" has a touch of nostalgia and sense of humor, shows the neglect of the couple "when it is your indifference. "Letter of spite, pain when you want to leave you be and how you react and feel", is what identifies this lyric, so take advantage of its author asking if the time of his writing came to feel what is there reflected, and with a slight turn, ignored the answer, telling us that "faith and feel a great show with this song is feeling." "Making a video has many risks, many bad things can happen, but these risks are reduced when one has a clear idea about what you want," his experience.

"House" is a song with other colors and other instruments is not what people expect of us and that we are very excited, "described Asier. For his part, Miguel whom everyone calls "The Dwarf" explained that the public expected to see in the video, yachts, voluptuous women, but instead was "not well", "left the form and had a good outcome Despite the difficulties (...), also leave a key role to two shaman ", children who participated in the audiovisual work.

In short for Cyanide Candy, this is a promotional single "originality and feeling." Speaking of feelings, do not miss the opportunity to ask for the heart, resulting in "two Casanovas, lovers of life without complications, as are the Dwarf and Darius, while Asier said" be happy with her new life married "despite" having some time dwelling together and what I do is enjoy my legality.

" About what some fans rumored to say if they just Cyanide and now are pure candy, explained that "we can not say a formula of how to hit songs, look at Interpol, more pangola on My Slut had The Star lyrics and guitar ballads, not to say that the disk is pure ballads, including this album is loaded with much Rock and Roll (...).

Not have to like everyone but the most important is to generate opinion, "said the Dwarf. "The authenticity of the work is parallel to the result, deceiving no one, music is artistic expression, what you people out and gets it but you will not have the same success," said Darius. Cyanide Candies currently perform various promotional tours.

Here we leave some of the dates of their presentations, drawing from their website http://caramelosdecianuro. net /, also will be published the following dates, and Puerto La Cruz and Maracaibo, on his Facebook page Caramelos de Cianuro. May 12 for the first time in Panama Cyanide Candy Floating Bar, Isla Flamenco, compared to C.

C Amador 12 May, 2011-1 January, May 197 007 CDC in San Antonio from Mater Dei High School San Antonio from Mater Dei High School May 7, 2011 - 1 January, 1970 16:00:00 to 19:00: May 0006 in Venezuela Off Road San Diego Festival May 6, 2011 - 1 January, 1970 11:30:00 to 13:00:00 Through Twitter fans of the group made the kids some questions and responded graciously.

Who is the strongest follower? Frederick Chang Celis "People are very fanatical, to the limit have the nick name and Cyanide Caramelitos, etc. Including Oriana, Chacón, and Rosita00. Pardon for which we do not remember. " Why have a dog the CD cover? Luis David Ferrer Arria "We felt extremely funny and something that everyone would remember.

Even made a request to share with our fans on the CD and it went great. The proposal was to tell our designer had wanted our iconic album and what better than a dog and a panty. " Do you think that there are good bands in Venezuela that can project the international level? The shape "Yeah, in recent times have come more bands in the rock scene and we hope they are solid.

It's a whole: if you have no local Manager where to play, if you do not have a good local Manager. Insecurity also affects all the senses, because we are nocturnal animals. Before it was much easier, more cost more. " Why not have internationalized a little more? Mayerling Rondón is a good question.

We have not doomed, a little risk, and you also have the comfort here, maybe a bit of complacency and lack of support. But this new video and single hope to achieve that, we missed that step. " Acarigua about their fans. Tere Torrelles "We've gone twice to Acarigua and played once. But reciprocity is very exciting for our followers there.

Producers realize that love and obviously he has to flip. Twitter is definitely a tool Agran, and of course we'll go there. " You can enjoy more Cianuro Caramels through its official website www. caramelosdecianuro. Follow them on Twitter @ net CDCRock

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