Monday, May 23, 2011

Cat's Eyes - Cat's Eyes: a partnership between the pop singer of The Horrors and Canadian soprano

The lead singer of The Horrors, Faris Badwan, takes off his mask and becomes a pimp in good boy thanks to the company's multi-instrumentalist and Canadian opera singer Rachel Zeffiro. Her debut song, 'I Knew It's Was Over', were shown in a video recorded on the very Basilica of St. Peter's Basilica, Pope Benedict XVI without but with the staff of the curia.

Cat's Eyes have had the artistic direction of Chris Cunningham and his debut album self-titled, including a song largely imbued with the legacy of the sixties girl groups. Video | YouTube The album as a whole, once dissected a surgeon's scalpel, but this mash abysmal, and abyssal, titled "Sooner or Later 'with Badwan inspire awe as if singing a rule of Horrors, is heard and enjoy from beginning to end.

On the opposite side to that subject are 'The Lull', sung by him and her, and wrapped by an orchestra with prominence of brass instruments, a delight to the ears if you have long said that the singer of The Horrors main part was you'd laugh. Video | YouTube There are many findings in Cat's Eyes as 'Over You', new single from the album, which could have served as a score for any action film remake of The Saint or even type in the series 007.

And Zeffiro Rachel sings very well and here it does plan diva. Even some have cited the failed Trish Keenan, as well. It seems much more solemn progress version of 'I Know It Was Over', the video in San Pedro with that body centenary truffled melody, while the disc is no small feat. The title track and opens the album, Cat's Eyes, has a whiff sixitie and more Badwan's voice I love the arrangements and choirs Zeffiro.

She takes over lead vocals on 'The Best Person I Know' and takes us to heaven with angels himself included. After 'I'm Not Stupid'continúa that line and fall mellifluous ethereal and rendered a Cat's Eyes. The rock 'Face In The Crowd' is another of the findings of the album, and go ... to complete this course, sensitive and romantic side we have 'Not A Friend ", sung again by Zeffiro Rachel with that voice of angel.

Y 'Bandit' is another rare bird of all, cut both vocal and instrumental enigmatic. We will have to keep track.

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