Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chaka Khan honored with the "Songwriters Hall Of Fame

President Jimmy Webb's famous "Songwriters Hall Of Fame, an institution overseas, has announced that 2011 will be the grand prize awarded to the singer Chaka Khan for his entire career. The "Songwriters Hall Of Fame is an institution dedicated to promoting music composers. Founded 40 years ago, the organization distributes scholarships in order to promote the emergence of new talent in music composition.

Each year the committee selects an artist who has scored the music industry with his talent and creativity and thus gives the name to the scholarship will be awarded this year. For 2011, the committee of "Songwriters Hall Of Fame has chosen singer Chaka Khan. At a gala event, scheduled in June next, Jimmy Webb reward Chaka Khan for his entire career.

Chaka Khan has marked the history of music, "said Jimmy Webb. Chaka Kahn with his unique voice and vision of music has influenced the sound of pop music for over 30 years. " Chaka Khan is best known for his hits "I'm Every Woman," "Is not Nobody" or the tube must, its takeover of the singer Prince "I Feel For You".

Chaka Khan mixed so forward-thinking R & B and hip hop, with Rufus or solo, has foreshadowed the fusion of two genres within what was called New Jack Swing. Chaka Khan has received throughout his career numerous awards, including 10 Grammy Awards and explored genres as diverse as soul, funk, disco, jazz, hip hop, blues, pop standards.

His albums are all platinum and the singer has received throughout his career an unwavering adherence to his public. She has collaborated with leading artists such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, Steve Winwood, Michael McDonald, Rod Stewart and Mary J. Blige. His entry in the "Songwriters Hall Of Fame" comes cap a great career.

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