Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cold War Kids - Mine is Yours: shy and accessible comeback "in their assault on the mainstream?

We know the history of many other groups is striking debut with special enough to keep track of the group of newcomers each year. Several singles troops, and soon a new album, which is a slight disappointment and raises the question: were so bad, this second album was an accident, or the first disc a cluster of luck? With Cold War Kids were so.

Too bad only assume this third album regain some level, but only at certain times of the disk, and instead to substitute its own character (piano melodies, his voice pathetic, its addictive indie-blues songs) by a grant them access the producer who made a blockbuster Kings Of Leon Only by the night with.

Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever (Youtube) increasingly are blurring more points in common with people like The Walkmen and Spoon, and closer to the Killers, Kings Of Leon Coldplay and more accessible, filling the halls and stadiums . Behave Yourself EP left us signs of recovery 'Audience of one', and the first half of the disc also leaves a good taste, with the best songs of the album, 'Louder than ever' and 'Finally Begin', and some that another nice (and namesake initial 'Mine is yours', the easily coreable 'Royal Blue') and little more.

Cold War Kids - Finally Begin (Vimeo) Then the experimental and twisted vein here is not shining, can not find the right approach: 'Out of the wilderness', 'Sensitive Kid' or 'Cold Cold Toes on the Floor' shipwrecked and a drag on a second half in which right 'Skip the charades' and' Bulldozer 'will lift the flight, returning to leave a good impression of the first songs as' Broken Open' as the climax to 'Flying upside down.

" It is therefore well check again to be clear and objective way to carry nails: clarity and accessibility in their structures, polishing both the voice of Nathan as its most arid. And welcome to go back more minimally flight and reverse the trend, but the result ends up being something discrete and isolated than his debut proved they can do.

Its indie rock blues and soul inclinations is increasingly pop, but the friendliness and ease of listening as a new listener allows to delve into their world, and incorporate some good topics to add to a more than worthy repertoire. Too bad they are not so many as to return back to our blind trust.

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