Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coque Malla, "Let them think that music is free is disastrous"

Coque Malla has stopped smoking. And yet, difficult to resist, especially if there is a cane through: "Do you mind if I turn it on?". Dressed in a beret and hidden behind sunglasses, pinpoints the keys to his new solo album. Let's talk Thermonuclear. The title could not be more topical with you just fall in Fukushima ...

(laughs). The truth is that I followed shortly today. Took a year and a half stuck in a bubble. And I'm fucking. Do you live a good time? Yes, I have seen dramatic changes. That says the disk, the crisis that make you feel alive. It is a powerful emotional journey, a kind of exorcism. What they say of me matters little, only hurts when it is not true "Crisis of the 40? Possibly.

It is an age. But it was worse 30. Is the rock oozes more authenticity when you young? No. In fact I much prefer the Stones, Dylan or the Beatles after a certain age. If you do not lose your head, it is getting better. Always distilled vacilón air. What is character? Guess it comes from a time in my life where I'm exposed.

What they say of me matters little, only hurts when it is not true. "The eighties are overrated? There molaban bands, lots of creativity. But there is a tendency to say he had more talent than now, that's not true. There were fewer media and more exposure of how little he had. And how you live these days someone who succeeded at that time? Like everyone else, investigating, experimenting with new technologies.

Nobody has any fucking idea where we go. It is exciting and we should feel fortunate. Never openly sided against the shock ... Many are changing the discourse. Everything is changing. But people think that music is free is grim. That can not be, because it brings dire consequences for the music.

Download my album if you like but you know it's a bitch. Born in Madrid in 1969. He joined Los Ronaldos at fifteen. After a successful career, he released five solo albums. He has participated in several films.

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