Monday, May 23, 2011

Di Elas, Luis Tosar the band: "We are healthier than a rock group of twentysomethings"

Piti Sanz Luis Tosar and are two sides of a coin, Di Elas, the rock band, moreover, by Ro and Iván Laxe Muñoz. The first two responses are divided democratically and ending each other sentences. How did all this? We've been playing in many bands, which in turn have been drifting in others. Each has an independent path has converged in Di Elas.

If you stop to analyze, in Di Elas sure there's something Shakira References are ... From MC5 the Stooges, Sex Pistols, Nirvana, Creedance Clearwater Revival ... there is a bit of everything and many different genres, but if you try to analyze, sure find something of Shakira. They sing "The night is young.

I no longer am and not want." Are they in a crisis of the 40? (Laughs) Too old and too bald to rock and roll, but too young to die. We have healthier habits than a rock and roll group of twentysomethings. We spent Sunday watching Formula 1 (laughs). It is inevitable that refer to God as the band Elas Luis Tosar.

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? A bit of both. If you make it in certain places, but you're in the spotlight and tell you all sorts of mischief. But our job is to hear the benefits. "This is a simple fun or as important as his acting career? The truth is that I never have arisen in terms of plans or priorities.

There are different activities. Do you enjoy both the same? Are different. But it is true that music is something that has no interpretation. It connects more directly with people. And it gives you the opportunity to have your teammates to the side. "Both industries are something rotten? I think we can not either.

It is true that in both sectors is stale. But other things are bad, like politics. How do you raise the tours have to juggle the two jobs? We will go as usual. Very natural and relaxed. We have never raised going to sack. We are starting a band that is little known, except perhaps in Galicia.

Di Elas are Iván Laxe, Piti Sanz, Ro Muñoz and Luis Tosar. Were formed to play versions of women's groups. The project has curdled into a disk.

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