Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Endeavour astronauts depertarán with music by Stormy Mondays

At the end of which still get it. Stormy Mondays not squandered the opportunity offered by NASA when he chose his song 'Sunrise No. 1 "among the ten candidates to play in space. This morning at 6.00 am, the U.S. space agency shut votes Space Rock contest almost immediately when the shuttle Endeavour departed for his last mission, the 25 th, dubbed STS-134, and his song was the clear winner.

For those who do not know yet, on the news echoed this, Stormy Mondays Asturias was the only non-American band of the ten selected from 1,350 applicants, who chose to honor of the astronauts who wake of the mission. Jorge Otero, leader of Stormy Mondays, whose battery is the battery veteranísimo Yankie Danny Montgomery, told us via email that the band is "thrilled and hard to believe it after so long that lasted the competition." There was no small feat, Sunrise # 1 took his most direct opponent, Dreams You Give 'by Brian Plunkett, almost 175,000 votes behind, gaining 787,724 votes to end and 49.8% of them.

The benefits of this song, Jorge Otero wrote from 'Weatherman', a song from his EP On My Radio which changed the lyrics adapted to the theme of the contest, will be allocated to Oxfam, Red Cross, Amnesty International, Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders. And can be purchased at iTunes and other digital download platforms.

He will be good for Stormy Mondays this win because we are coming concerts and to present their LP Radio and some other international tour, as they will accompany Willie Nile by Italy in August.

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