Friday, May 20, 2011

Enrique Iglesias: "Dirty Dancer" succde "Tonight (I'm Lovin 'You)"

As a fourth single from his album "Euphoria", Enrique Iglesias presents "Dirty Dancer", listening on the radio. The "Latin lover", continues his career brilliantly, because it does not necessarily make them account for Enrique but this ninth album marks fifteen years of career! Released in July 2010, "Euphoria" is a bilingual album comprises 14 songs, 8 in English and 6 in Spanish, for which he worked primarily with producer RedOne.

We no longer RedOne whose collaborations with Lady Gaga, Mylène Farmer, or J-Lo, were great successes. After the scandal video "Tonight (I'm F *****' You)" and its censorship becoming "Tonight (I'm Lovin 'You)," Enrique's image has changed with the public. His style took a turn more mature music, preferring an approach including up-tempo.

With "Euphoria", Enrique Iglesias has also granted to famous guests. We have already discovered duets with Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls "Heartbeat" with Pitbull and "I like it." Enrique Iglesias arrives so with a new title, "Dirty Dancer", a song and catchy electro includes guests choice.

Indeed, this is none other than the famous Usher and rapper Lil Wayne accompanying this piece promises to be one of the tubes of the summer of 2011. If Usher and Nayer, who participated in the original piece, are still present on the remix, the presence of rapper Young Money is a little surprise.

In fact, two versions of the single are available which have the merit of satisfying both fans of urban sounds, and the fans who enjoyed the latest hits songs by Enrique Iglesias. Weezy mark its third foray into the pop in a few weeks after featuring on the single "I'm into you" by Jennifer Lopez, and that of his fellow label T Lopez, "Breathe." Besides this last dedication "Dirty Dancer" to "all the bad girls around the world." He also mentioned the actor Eddie Murphy in his words.

Enrique Iglesias music news shows a charge at this time since he just finished the French part of "Euphoria World Tour" which was a huge success with two sold out nights at the Zenith in Paris. The success of the new appointments, we will prepare the singer may soon be a new album?

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