Monday, May 16, 2011

Eurovision 2011: Azerbaijan, Italy and at the top Sude

Last Saturday took place the 56th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf, Germany, that country being the winner of the 2010 edition. After the contest, the winner is Azerbaijan with 221 votes thanks to the song "Running Scared" duo Ell & Nikki. Second place was awarded to Italy with 189 votes, represented by Raphael Gualazzi with "Madness of Love." The third place went to Sweden, which bottoms Italy with 185 points, by singer Eric Saade and his song "Popular".

This week, we invite you to rediscover the most memorable songs of Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Starting with the first three places on the podium of the 2011 edition! The winning song of the 2011 edition of the Eurovision is "Running Scared" sung by the duo Ell & Nikki and written by Stefan Örn.

Azerbaijan is present in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2008 and only won the title this year after only 4 entries. The duo Ell & Nikki is composed of two Azeri singers: Eldar Gasimov Nigar and Jamal. They both say pop influences that we find easily in "Running Scared", a pop rock song with the refrain musically universal.

Second place was won by the song "Madness of Love" from the Italian Raphael Gualazzi. Only 3 points 3rd ranked Sweden, Italy is this year, a dazzling return after 13 year absence. Raphael Gualazzi a compilation released in 2008 "Piano Jazz" in France, which includes the great classics of American jazz.

"Do not Stop", a remake of famous British rock band Fleetwood Mac, also allowed him to sample the celebrity. Through participation in February 2011 at San Remo festival, he won the trophy for the novice class, earning the award for music criticism and its participation in the Eurovision in the colors of Italy.

Raphael Gualazzi mixes jazz and blues beautifully, influences that are felt strongly in "Madness of Love", a song which he also wrote. Ranked 3rd with "Popular" starring Eric Saade, Sweden back in the standings after a 11th place last year. Eric Saade contributed to this success through his many musical experiences.

Indeed, despite his young age, the singer has already signed with a record company, released an album and 3 singles. All this from the age of 13! In 2007, he participated in a competition that aims to form a "boy band" and become one of four singers chosen for the adventure of "What's Up." Together they will produce the album "In Pose 'in 2008, and record the Swedish version of a song from" Camp Rock "from Walt Disney.

In 2009, Eric Saade decides to pursue a solo career and released "Masquerade" in 2010 which ranks second in the Swedish charts. The same year, he participated in "Melodifestivalen" and propelled him to Eurovision 2011 where he represented his native country. Eric Saade also touches on all areas, as this shows on Disney Channel.

A second solo album, entitled "Saade" should soon see a day where we will find the song played at the Eurovision "Popular".

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